Sharyn's Specialties

Sharyn Designs and Handcrafts Jewelry

I work with sterling silver and fine silver. I prefer precious metals because I think they impart the beauty of the art as I wish it to be seen.  Most of my designs include gemstones or art glass. As you will see in the gallery of my jewelry designs, the gemstones and art glass with their beautiful colors and shapes are quite varied. Please enjoy the types of beautiful jewelry I create in the Jewelry Gallery on this website.

Sharyn's Asian Brush Painting

I was never exposed to any type of Asian artwork as a child. However, as an adult I saw some sumie (pronounced “sue-me-ay”) brush paintings in galleries. I was immediately drawn to them. I believe it was the delicacy of the brushwork that pleased me. I eventually purchased a small amount of Asian artwork.

When I began to learn digital painting, it wasn’t long before I wanted to learn sumie. Sumie began in China many centuries ago and eventually spread to Japan. Asian brush painting is very different from Western painting and it requires learning a different set of skills to create it. I have done that and am now showing some of these paintings in my studio.  You may view some of these paintings in the Asian Brush paintings gallery on this website.

Sharyn’s Limited Edition Seascapes

I became interested in photography as a child when my father gave me my first camera for my birthday. After I began working, I purchased a camera and darkroom equipment and began printing black and white photographs of my own.

When I switched to a digital camera years later, I first began creating color and black and white images.  Gradually, I moved to mostly black and white.  I began creating black and white prints of seascapes.  I now have a body of work of these seascapes.  I call them my Ethereal Seascapes series.  You may see some of them in the Limited Edition Prints gallery on this website.