Limited Edition Print Gallery

What Are Limited Edition Prints?

Limited Edition indicates that only a specific number of prints are available to be sold. When the predetermined number is reached, the artist prints no more in that edition.

Limited Edition Prints are numbered; for example, as 1/50. This indicates that the print you’re looking at is the first print and that only 50 will be printed.

The same image printed in a different size would be considered a different edition.

Because of the limited number, limited edition prints are priced higher than open edition prints, which have no limit on the number that can be made.

Some artists create limited editions of works that all use a special photographic technique. That is the case for Sharyn’s limited edition photographs. She uses a very long exposure to capture these images. What this means is that she holds the shutter open for four minutes in order to capture patterns and intricate details in clouds as they move across the sky. The long exposure captures the clouds but smooths out the water. Ocean waves disappear, making turbulent oceans appear as placid lakes. Sharyn’s limited edition photos are seascapes. Sharyn photographs seas and oceans because they mean many things to many people.

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