Digital Painting Info

 What is a Digital Painting?

A Digital Painting is a portrait or other image created on a computer in the style of traditional paintings. Digital paintings grew from the digital revolution in photography and the widespread use of Photoshop and other digital editing programs.  Not all digital painters are photographers.  Some are fine art painters who, for a variety of reasons, wish to enter the digital market.

There is a lot of confusion and some misunderstanding that surround digital paintings. The artist must make the choices as to how the painting is developed; the computer cannot do it alone. This is why intricate artistry is necessary.

It is possible to put a photograph into a digital painting program, make several clicks of a mouse, and let the software do most of the work. However, images produced that way seldom look like traditional paintings. They tend to look more like photographs.

I use my photographs for references in my Western style paintings; however, I apply every single brush stroke by hand; the computer does not do it. My brush strokes can be seen throughout my paintings and the final pieces of art do not look like photographs.

I do not use photographs for my Asian brush paintings. The strokes for this type of painting are defined from a centuries-old art form. Specific strokes are used to create each form of artwork. The artist combines those strokes to create desired image.

Please enjoy my digital paintings in the Asian Brush, Pet Portraits and Nature Galleries on the following pages. Just click on any image to see a larger view.

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